How to Make Cold Water Extraction Profitable

There are times when it may be necessary to extract various drugs from another drug when it could cause problems. For example, many individuals who use Percocet, Vicodin and other opiates are not only getting those opiates in order to help with the control of pain, they may also be receiving other drugs in the mix that can be quite harmful. Some of those other drugs that are included in prescription opiates can include acetaminophen, and it can be problematic if it is taken in large amounts. That is where cold water extraction comes in because it helps to remove the acetaminophen so that you can use the prescription medication without having to worry about the damage that the other drugs can cause. The detailed guide on cold water extraction can be found at

Although Percocet, Vicodin and other opiates may be somewhat harmful if they are taken on a regular basis, acetaminophen is extremely harmful and could lead to severe problems with the human body and even death. When taken as an overdose or in high doses, it is toxic and can damage the liver permanently. In fact, toxicity as a result of acetaminophen is one of the more common reasons why people experience poisoning around the world and it can result in acute liver failure, but not before the individual goes through an agonizing ordeal for several days. Drinking alcohol will make the problem even worse.

The process of cold water extraction is something that can help to separate the acetaminophen from the opiates that are in the prescription medication. The basic principle behind this method is the fact that opiates can be dissolved in water very easily but acetaminophen is not dissolved in water or is barely dissolved in water if it is exposed to it. That is especially true when it comes to cold water because if you put acetaminophen in hot water, it is going to dissolve more readily.

The basic process is to dissolve the entire mixture in warm water and then to cool the water rapidly. This allows the insoluble compounds to come out of the water abruptly but the soluble compounds, including the opiates, are going to remain dissolved within the water. At that point, it is possible to further separate the two by filtration.

It is not really necessary to understand everything that takes place during the cold water extraction method but it is a common way for opiate derived drugs to be separated from acetaminophen. Some of the specific medications that may be used include codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.

Cold water extraction is a legal process and it is often used in the chemistry field as well as within the educational field. In addition, you’re not truly coming up with a pure extraction when cold water extraction is used. There are always going to be trace amounts of the acetaminophen and other medications that were in the prescription drug at one time. The only thing that is necessary for this process to be legal is for the individual to be in possession of a prescription from a doctor to have the medications in the first place.