Why Is My iPhone Isn’t Charging

You’ve plugged in your iPhone, expecting it to charge. However, it doesn’t and now you’re wondering — why is my phone not charging — and if you should freak out over it. The truth is there are many reasons why it might not be charging. Here are a few common reasons and fixes that might help you out.

Check The Charging Port
Take a look inside of your iPhone’s charging port to see if lint, debris or other obstructions are present. Believe it or not, but a clogged iPhone port is one of the most common reasons why it doesn’t charge. Something very small could be the reason why your device won’t charge and if this is the case, then remove it.

If there’s some lint present, then take a toothpick or q-tip to remove it. A can of air works well too. The bottom line is if something is stuck in the charging port, then your iPhone will likely not charge.

Change The Outlet It’s Plugged Into
Another reason why your iPhone won’t charge may be because of the outlet itself. There may be something wrong with the outlet, and if that’s the case, then your device won’t charge. If you charge your device via a computer, then check your computer’s USB port for an obstruction or plug it into another computer to see if it will work. You might be surprised to find out it is the outlet or your computer’s USB port that’s the problem and not your iPhone.

Reboot Your Device
Sometimes all it takes is a reboot of your device to fix an issue that might be behind the reason for your iPhone not charging when plugged in, but do keep in mind that a reboot is rarely needed or necessary. However, it does and it can happen, so you should definitely reboot your device if you have tried the above methods and they haven’t worked. Doing a reboot is easy, as all you have to do is press and hold the power button and the home button, which will cause the Apply logo to appear.

Check Your USB Cable
Another thing you can do is take a look at your USB cable and see if it’s damaged. A damaged USB cable will likely not work, which may be the reason why your iPhone isn’t charging. Sometimes damage can easily be spotted. For example, if your cable is torn or frayed, then this is probably your problem and you will want to get a new USB cable.

Also, your USB cable may be a cheap knockoff, so if this is the case, then you should purchase a cable that is certified. Do bear in mind that this isn’t always the case, but sometimes it is the reason why. Just look at the cable first and if there’s no damage, then consider replacing it if it isn’t a cable that has been certified for iPhone or for the iPad.

Feel free to give the above fixes a try. If none of the above works, then maybe it’s time to have a professional look at it. They can determine what the problem is and how to fix it.